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Targeting Capabilities
The ability to target ads or email allows you to pinpoint your desired audience and achieve superior campaign results. Quired Media uses a number of the leading ad serving, geographic IP and behavioral solutions to offer its clients a menu of targeting capabilities:
 Targeting Capability
 Country, State/Province, City, Zip/Postal Code
 Site Category / Classification
 Automotive, Blog/Chat, Business, Education, Entertainment, Finance,
 Gaming, Music, News, Real Estate, Shopping, Sports, Technology,
 Travel,  Women
 Daypart/Time of Day
 Business hours, Evening Hours, Meal times
 Browser Type/Version
 Explorer, Firefox, Opera, 5.0 and newer
 Browser Language
 English only, Spanish, French, German, Traditional Chinese,
 Simplified Chinese
 Operating System
 Windows only, XP only, 2000 or later, OS X
 Sex, Age, Income
 By demonstrated interest or browsing behavior, visited investment site in
 the last two weeks, previous online conversion for online pharmaceuticals