Selling your Website and Site Valuations
Selling your site is a monumental personal and business decision. The motivations for selling may vary:
  • Unexpected growth in traffic or customers
  • Challenging transition to a large team organization
  • Business separation between partners or differeing business interests
  • Inability to fully capitalize on opportunities with existing financial or human resources
  • A personal change in lifestyle, career direction or even simply a desire to cash out
Regardless of the motivation the challenges and issues in selling a website are generally the same:
  • How do you demonstrate the current and future earning potential of the site?
  • Will the key principals involved in content creation and site management stay on as employees?
  • What impact will departing personnel have on the value of the site?
  • How to maximize the earnings multiple used to value your site?
  • Where can qualified buyers be reached?
  • How to structure the deal to insure a safe and guaranteed transaction?
At Quired Media we have the experience, expertise and contacts to derive full value for your property and insure the transaction gets executed in a smooth and mutually beneficial manner to both buyer and more